nut butter

almond, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, peanut, cashew or sesame seed butter

What took me so long to make my own nut butter? I must say it’s far superior to store-bought nut butter. With a little bit of patience, you'll end up having ultra-thick and creamy nut butter. I tried it with sesame seeds as well- The taste is absolutely pure and nothing like the ones that come in a jar in supermarkets. Now that I know the difference, I will never buy them at stores again. You can play with the taste by blending a tiny bit of cinnamon, vanilla, honey or maple syrup to make it taste extra special. Go crazy with the tastes. There is absolutely no rule. Mix the nuts and add your favourite spices. Melt in some dark chocolate or add in some pure honey to sweeten. It's your nut butter, so go nuts with it.


  • any favourite nut: almond, hazelnut, pecan, walnut, Brazilian nut, peanut, cashew nut or even sesame seed to make the best Tahini


  • roast your nuts for 5-8 minutes at (325°F/ 162°C)
  • sesame seeds only need about 4 minutes, as they burn quite fast
  • just until fragrant and slightly golden brown
  • add the hot roasted nuts to a food processor
  • mix until a creamy butter forms
  • make sure you start with hot nuts as the heat helps the oil come out faster
  • the nuts will first go from whole to a meal then they clump
  • if you continue mixing they will start giving off oil and go creamy eventually
  • scrape down sides a few times as needed
  • the mixing process generally takes 8-10 minutes, so be patient (it’s worth the wait)
  • once creamy, add salt (or your favourite add-ins) to taste
  • transfer to a pretty and clean jar or container
  • store in your kitchen cupboards

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