cook book
  • ISBN: 9789463457972
  • publication date: 17/09/2019
  • published by: Parisa Nobakht
  • language: English
  • pages: 195 (with 50 recipes)
50 simple recipes

Like most food lovers, I learned cooking by watching my mother and grandmother lovingly preparing food for the family. But since I never follow the recipes to a tee, I began breaking the rules of Persian cuisine by developing healthy recipes. The main purpose of my cookbook is to make Persian recipes accessible to everyone.

Because quick and easy Persian food is possible. By sparing yourself the trouble of using tens of ingredients, you can achieve great results while keeping things simple. So I finally wrote my very own cookbook: an easy-going, stripped-down take on Persian food using few ingredients and knowing when it is okay to stray from the rulebook. It is possible to cook, share and enjoy it with minimal effort.

All the recipes in this cookbook have 5 major ingredients, carefully chosen to respect the original dishes on which they are based. This doesn’t mean the intricacies of the dishes containing indigenous ingredients aren’t achievable, nor would I ever discourage you from making them.

The cookbook contains 50 recipes with chicken, beef, pork, lamb, eggs, rice including salads, vegetarian recipes and of course delicious sweets. With each recipe you will find a story behind it, a visual ingredient list, duration and portion size.

Parisa's Persian Kitchen cookbook has the simplest approach to Persian cuisine and is ideal for people with little time. The recipes are all easy to make and ready in no time. Parisa's Persian Kitchen is all about traditional dishes given a modern twist, as a fast and simple process with few ingredients.