Rooftops and dried fruit puree, or lavashak.

Not just kitchens, but rooftops are also meant to be used for food in Iran. Iranian homes have rooftops where the mother of the family used to dry the laundry on plastic ropes drawn from one side to the other side of the rooftop. Those ropes were also used to hand the semi-dried fruit puree spread on plastic papers to dry in the sun completely.

Dried fruit puree is also a very important part of Iranian food culture. In summer times, especially when I was a kid, mothers and grandmothers would buy boxes of plums, apples and apricots, cook them all at once in huge pots, strain the peel and cores of the fruits and pass them through a sieve to get a smooth fruit puree.

Then they would spread them thinly on a round tray or between two thick plastic bags and let them sit for a few days. Once set, they would hang them on the ropes for maximum exposure to sunlight so they dry completely.

And we are truly crazy about such snacks. Lavashak or dried fruit puree is sold in different packages and sizes with all sorts of fruits flavour and we are still madly in love with them as they are reminiscent of our childhood memories.

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