private dining

private dining


There will be a charge of 50% of the agreed amount up front. The other 50% will be charged 9 days before the start of the private dining.

  cancellation policy

You are required to give at least 10 days notice of cancellation in order to receive a full refund of your prepayment. If you cancel your participation within 9 days before the start of the private dining there will be no refund of the full amount.

As a cook, I always strive to create an individualised Persian food experience that is both true to the Persian food culture and sometimes unexpected. The menus are designed for each group or couple making sure you are served what you love. The type of dishes is inspired by my travels around Iran as well as watching my grandmothers and mother cook.

Private dining is a mix of catering and a private workshop. You can join in and cook with me, or just sit back and relax whilst I change your kitchen into a Persian walhalla of aromas and flavours.

The full-private-dining experience at your home (in Belgium or The Netherlands) includes preparing, serving and a detailed explanation of each dish. The experience can be taken to the next level by involving you in the preparing and cooking process as I share lots of stories and historical and cultural backgrounds of the dishes.

Your private dining can be as small as a romantic dinner for two or a family and friends gathering at your own home.

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