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    50 simple and delicious 5-ingredient recipes
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green bean meatballs rice

5-ingredient meals

all the recipes have 5 major ingredients, carefully chosen to respect the original dishes

orange pistachio cake

the methods I developed made cooking a fast and simple process requiring few ingredients

jewled cookies

5-ingredient sweets

just 5 offbeat ingredients add up to one unique, delectable treat made for merry munching

Olvieh salad

no-measure quick meals

there is no measurement of the ingredients in this category, so hassel-free recipes for busy days when neither measuring cups nor kitchen scale is around

mulled apple juice

drinks and smoothies

healthy and exciting drinks with a twist as the central element of your daily eating routine

red lentil bread


Iranian dishes are usually served with either rice or bread

Parisa Nobakth
Parisa Nobakht

about me

My journey begins in the chaotic, mysterious, and beautiful city of Tehran, where culinary traditions date back 7,000 years. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother, my mother and I, together in a palatial kitchen with a high ceiling and blue- tiled walls, where they taught me the fundamentals of Iranian cuisine.
They entrusted me with their secrets; they told me how to get the most flavour out of ingredients and I learnt that rigour and respect for their methods were inescapable. They taught me that Persian food is at once complex, demanding and incredibly delicate. They told me that leaving a stew to simmer overnight would give it an incomparable flavour and that it is impossible to cook Persian food in haste. Ask any Iranian mother and they’ll tell you ingredients must never be substituted.
As fond as I am of my mother and grandmother, when I moved to Holland, I had to stray from tradition: given how expensive energy is and how little time I could spend cooking on any given day, it was that or kiss Persian cuisine goodbye. The methods I developed made cooking fast and simple, using few ingredients. I realised that there is nothing wrong with replacing the ingredients I couldn’t buy outside of Iran and that there is no need to waste time soaking beans and chickpeas overnight.

Iranian cooking
50 simple and delicious 5-ingredient recipes

about the book

Parisa's Persian Kitchen
Iranian cooking made easy

Quick and easy Persian food is possible. By sparing yourself the trouble of using tens of ingredients, you can achieve great results while keeping things simple.
All the recipes in this book have 5 major ingredients, carefully chosen to respect the original dishes on which they are based. This doesn’t mean the intricacies of the dishes containing indigenous ingredients aren’t achievable, nor would I ever discourage you from making them.


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Whether you are planning a corporate gala or a casual luncheon, Parisa's Persian Kitchen provides meticulously planned and executed corporate catering.

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