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Ref 620212:
Tabriz carpet wool and silk
€ 1699

This Salari Tabriz carpet has wool warp and weft. Wool carpets are highly durable and perfectly capable of resisting wear and tear of everyday use. Silk has been used to accentuate details in this woolen rug with two colours on the surface. This silk-patterned carpet has a smooth, soft and lustrous texture.

size: 208 x 146 cm
thickness: 1 cm
weight: 11 kg
weft: wool
warp: wool
manufacturing: handwoven Salari design
colour: natural vegetable dyes with silk flowers
price (from Holland):
ex-vat, ex-shipment
€ 1699
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bought locally
brand new original carpets carefully selected in Iranian bazaars

carpets knotted by hand
we believe true heritage cannot be produced by machines

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delivered at your doorstep
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