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buffet and take-away


Join us for our Persian food buffet. Taste till your heart and soul are content. And if you want to share the experience with your loved ones at home, buy our packed meals to take away. Also imported Persian herbs and spices for sale, and of course Parisa's Persian Kitchen book.

buffet and take-away

Persian buffet

Parisa's Persian Kitchen is arranging an open Persian food buffet of a 4-course meal. You will be offered an abundance of delectable meals made with the freshest ingredients beautifully and artfully arranged (also possible to take away instead of spending time with us).
- Loobiya polo: fragrant herbed rice with green beans and beef meatballs
- Kookoo Sabzi: vegetarian green fritatta with spinach, coriander, leek, parsely and eggs or Ash-e-jo (barley, legumes and spinach soup)
- Mast-o-Khiyar: yoghurt dip with cucumber, walnuts, raisins and Persian dried mint
- moist buttery pistachio and orange cake
In case you'd like to take food home to your loved ones, there will be a variety of dishes for sale. We'll pack your desired dishes to take away and enjoy with your friends and family. There will also be traditional Persian drinks made with indigenous ingredients for sale. You will also have the chance to purchase Parisa's Persian Kitchen book with discount as well as local herbs and spices all imported from the beautiful Iran.

Persian buffet
26/01/2020 17-19h Gouda 89 pp free parking
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if you think preparing delicious Iranian food is complicated and labour-intensive, think again and join us for Parisa's Persian Kitchen fun workshops.

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buffet & take-away

join us for our Persian food buffet where you can taste till your heart and soul are content - and if you want to share, buy our packed meals to take with you

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